Konnektive has been a godsend to our business. We migrated from another CRM, and not only was the migration very smooth, but the Konnektive team helped to convert and integrate our pages, and test everything all the way through. They went above and beyond and I have to say I have never received that type of personal attention and professionalism from any CRM solutions. They really care about the value and growth of my business.

– Michelle Steingard, President/CEO

Konnektive is the most robust CRM platform on the market today. Its open API platform allows you to have complete flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Konnektive’s accurate real time reporting suite to allows you to make critical day-to-day decisions to successfully run your business. Most importantly, Konnektive provides the BEST support to its clients in the industry. They have a team of talented professionals that can provide significant value to your business as they have done time and time again with ours. I’m extremely pleased after switching over from one of the most popular CRM platforms; it’s been the best decision for our company.

– Casey Amundson, President/CEO

Konnektive is hands down the best CRM platform for managing campaigns and customers, seeing real time numbers, and getting an overall look into your business. Their platform is intuitive to use and not intimidating at all. I recommend them to all of my clients. Love them! Best support you’ll get from anyone, hands down.

– Kris Trujillo, CEO

One of the driving factors in us choosing Konnektive as the backbone of our e-commerce business was the availability, responsiveness and professionalism of the entire team there. When we needed help getting to know the ecosystem they were always available to us, and as the they grew to be a leading CRM in the industry this personal availability never suffered.

The platform has enabled us to plug into every service we ever needed without hassle or delay and has never been down for even a second in the past 2+ years. It is easy to use, to the point and feature rich. I can setup and manage all parts of my campaign creatives, e-mails and products. I can project my earnings, keep track of my costs and manage my customer care.

If it wasn’t for Konnektive we would probably have never been able to grow with such a lean team.

– Robert Engel, Co-Founder

Konnektive is by far the best CRM on the market. I moved to Konnektive about a year ago when I felt I needed a CRM that could better grow and adapt to meet my needs without sacrificing quality, and one that had more accountability to the customer.

Konnektive is able to achieve large scale growth and still maintain top notch customer service. Their ability to accept input from their customer base has led to Konnektive being more robust, and more streamlined than their competitors.

Their customer first approach is the culture Konnektive was founded on, and it shows in the staff working there. This will keep them at the top of the industry for years to come.

– Trey Brower, CEO

Moving to Konnektive was the one of the best choice’s I could have made for my company. We were faced with dozens upon dozens of outages from our previous CRM, which caused us to lose a lot of money. Not only did we turn this around immediately with Konnektive, but the user interface and the functionality is superior in every way. These are awesome people to work with, and I have recommend them to everyone I know in this industry.

– Jesse Raddon, Co-Founder

My company designs and develops consumable supplemental products…(skin care, energy, weight loss, performance, wellness, etc.) This industry demands cutting edge technology and a dedicated responsive team to put it all together. One of the many important components is having a backend system (CRM) that can keep track of everything and more. I have found that Konnektive and their committed team of developers and designers are exceptional! Not only is the Konnektive team brilliant and experienced, but they ALL have the personal and verbal skills to combine a great product/system with customer service. Konnektive has a team that responds quickly to any project and has always gone above and beyond to help. They have the exceptional ability to transform your vision into reality and tie it together with a common sense approach for whatever assignment that needs to be accomplished. Every time I have requested help, customization, or even advice, the Konnektive team has always delivered. I recommend them highly!

– Scott Dantema, CEO

The most exciting discovery I have made is the Konnektive CRM solution. As a matter of fact it is one of the most exciting discoveries I have made in my 20 years as a client and consultant in the DRTV industry. I have been searching for years for a cost effective and flexible CRM Software solution to help my clients and I run our businesses from the customer point of view. The database of any business is its most vital asset. If you do not know exactly where your customer has come from, what they are buying, what they want to buy next and all of the financial modeling to go with this information you are challenged with guessing how to communicate and manage your customer database. In this day and age you can’t afford to guess. Konnektive takes all of the guesswork out and gives you true intelligence so you can communicate in a relative and personal manner so your customers will trust you and buy from you longer. There are other very cool features and benefits to the Konnektive Solution but this to me is the most important…take a look I guarantee you will be impressed!

– Kim Price, CEO

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