Konnektive CRM Is Proud to Announce a Full Integration With VerticalOps

Posted: March 31, 2018 by Konnektive Team

Konnektive CRM (Roswell, GA) is proud to announce a full integration with VerticalOps (Provo, UT).  After vetting several sales call centers in the continuity space, KonnektiveCRM has determined that a deep integration with VerticalOps provides an enormous advantage toKonnektive’s clients, which is why we are promoting VerticalOps for all Partial monetization services to its clients.  Now any Advertisers looking to monetize their Partials and get industry high conversion and re-bill rates can seamlessly connect with VerticalOps!

Konnektive is a complete CRM/OMS (customer relationship management and order management system) platform that converges the best in technology and user interface for product and campaign management for trial/continuity, straight sale, and multi-pay; a landing page builder, a shopping cart technology, an online sales tracking system, a sales scripting and order entry software that can integrated to telephony platform’s, an easy to use customer service interface, a billing system that completely integrates with any accounting system, and a complete fulfillment management system, all combined into one unique product that is completely web-accessible, and completely secure.

In every sales vertical, there are non-buyers that are referred to as partials, and that data is largely overlooked as a revenue opportunity by the majority of marketers.VerticalOps has been dialing on Partials for Advertisers for the past 3 years, and has become the clear leader in this vertical.  They consistently produce industry high re-bill rates (60-70%), and stand behind their results with guaranteed profitability on their sales.  They also close 8-10% of all partials that they touch, and provide advertisers complete access to all dialing statistics with a personalized real-time dashboard.

Matthew Martorano, the CEO of Konnektive CRM has stated “Many of our clients have been using VerticalOps for some time now as a significant piece of their sales funnel, and they have been realizing amazing results.  We are confident that any Advertiser who gives them a shot will make incredible money on their Partials.  The integration allows VerticalOps to be up and running with your campaign within 24 hours upon implementation.  Put these guys to the test, let the results speak for themselves.”

The integration between the most powerful CRM technology in the affiliate marketing industry through Konnektiveand the most advanced partial monetization company in the industry through VerticalOps, gives every marketer a distinct advantage that cannot be found anywhere else.

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