Q&A With Matt Martorano, CEO And Founder of Konnektive

Posted: March 31, 2018 by Konnektive Team

We caught up with several industry partners at Affiliate Summit East in New York from August 2nd-4th, 2015.  One of those partners is Matt Martorano, CEO and Founder of Konnektive.  Konnektive is a customer transaction and advertising management platform that utilizes superior technology to provide clients with optimal solutions for their business.

 How was Konnektive formed?

Konnektive CRM was born out of necessity. I was a product marketer, and needed a system that could manage my sales through my call center, and also through my landing pages.

What are your core services and solutions?

Konnektive CRM provides a full, end-to-end CRM and OMS business solution that automates and synchronizes our clients’ business processes. It gives them a platform that provides true business intelligence and reliability, with a singular access point to manage every aspect of their company: sales automation, merchant processing, fulfillment management, customer service, affiliate and sales tracking, etc.

What is a unique element to Konnektive’s platform?

Our easy user interface is very unique, our reporting suite very unique, the intuitiveness in functionality is unique, our load balancer and mid manager is very unique, and our various integrations make us the obvious choice for marketers.

Why is it important to track customer management, transaction management, and campaign management all in one place?

By tracking these elements in one location, it gives you the ability to make profitable decisions. We have had many clients migrate to Konnektive CRM from other previously popular platforms, and the first thing they learn to really appreciate is the way our platform centralizes every aspect of their business, and gives them the tools to effectively manage that business.

What advice do you have for marketers just entering the game?

Make sure you watch your statistics, and focus on creating your sales funnels for partials (leads), and post transactions, as this is where your margins can be increased exponentially.

What is the biggest mistake that you see marketers make?

There are a few areas that they need to focus:

  • tracking sales performance and attribution, to include retention
  • managing their mids and their chargebacks, and understanding risk management
  • monetizing their customer data
  • understanding the importance of sales funnels
  • making sure their customer service center is performing
  • to a greater degree, ensuring they have the right suppliers in place

We have seen clients scrambling for new processing relationships, and we have integrated dozens of new gateway solutions. Banks are holding reserves and shutting down certain processing types.

With the overall change in the merchant processing industry, my prediction is that we will see more responsible marketers and it will be less “wild, wild, west”. There will be a cleansing, bringing the legitimate marketers to the forefront of the industry.

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