Konnektive eCommerce & Shopping Cart Technology

Konnektive has developed the “easiest to use” and most “intuitive” shopping cart technology in the e-commerce industry. We have combined the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Order Management System (OMS), with a shopping cart, e-commerce technology that has made being an e-tailer easier than ever. You are no longer required to use funky templates, and designs that are not as unique as you are. You can build your web store in WordPress, the easiest web design application, and use our product and cart plugins to manage your orders.

Integrated to dozens of merchant gateways; both domestic and international, to include PayPal and ACH payment option, you have a multitude of gateway options. We provide integrations to dozens of fulfillment houses, and you can have multiple fulfillment options tied to different products. We have full Amazon and Ebay market place integrations so you can also sell your products through those sources and track, and manage your product sales through your Konnektive CRM.

Easily Add Content

Add product images Upload your product images. No need to worry about resizing or optimization – we do that for you.

Add Description & Details

Write a product description and enter the product’s weight, manufacturer, size, color and other such details.

Manage Your Inventory and Fulfillments

The inventory editor combined with Shopify’s order tracker make managing your inventory a breeze.

Bulk Import Your Inventory.

You can add your products one at a time or bulk-import all products from an Excel or CSV file, or your fulfillment house can update your inventories through our API konnektion.


You need to focus on your customers, not on a multitude of different software systems! Konnektive gives you everything that you need in one platform that will help you dominate.


You can quickly and easily set-up your products, SKU’s, fulfillment companies, quantities, product rotations, and combinations.


Through this wizard you can select a product, and build your campaign configurations. Add products, both primary and upsells; set up your billing and offer configuration to include trial periods and billings cycles, select your merchant accounts. We support all languages.


We have built a full affiliate tracking and management system. Allowing you to assign your passed values, your tracking pixels, and direct management of publishers. Our affiliate reporting gives you a deep view into your sales performance.


Konnektive has a number of built in auto-responses that can be sent directly from you, or you have a number of email service provider integrations to choose from.


You can create your form code for your pages, and capture real-time partial data. Simply download the code package for your developer, or our talented team can assist you.


Build your online store with our full eCommerce shopping cart. Complete with a WordPress Plugin, there’s no easier cart technology in the marketplace.


With several billing configurations available, Konnektive manages all of your billing events, whether it is a single billing, multi-pay or trial with continuity event.


With our depth of gateway integrations, you can add a multitude of merchant accounts to a variety of gateways and let the system manage the rest. Once you have it set-up, its ready to go. We support all world currencies.


We have integrated with the best in class chargeback management companies, making their services available through simple plugins. We have also integrated with fraud screening companies through an easy plugin.


Our sophisticated system supports every world currency and every written language. From English, to Russian, to Mandarin Chinese, we support it.


This innovative feature allows you to select multiple fulfillment relationships based upon their geo-location on the map. The system will push the shipping record to the fulfillment center that creates the fastest delivery of product to the customer.


Through many of our fulfillment integrations, our system can receive inventory details or you can your own update stock, giving you alerts when inventory gets low and allows you to reconcile your fulfillment records with your inventory.


With direct integrations to all of the major fulfillment companies, and in-house shipping software options you can activate any number of fulfillment solutions.


We have integrations to telephony platforms, allowing you to utilize the contact center tools for call routing by DNIS/ANI, sales order entry and customer service interface, agent performance tracking and availability, and quality assurance.


Data analysis is the most important aspect of running a campaign and we provide our clients with the largest suite of reports. Between our dashboard overview analytics and our robust suite or reports, you will always have your finger on the pulse of you business.


Check out our KonnektPages™ system, and empower your product sales like never before. Create your full sales and contact funnels in our FunnelLab™, and watch your margins continue to rise.


We provide highest level of support in the industry, with the most talented team members, we will help you every step of the way to make sure your system is ready to start taking sales. We can even help you code your pages or setup your shopping cart.

Konnektive for Call Centers

Konnektive’s Cloud-Based Order Entry and Customer Service interface, combines the best in call center Order Management Systems (OMS) with CRM technology, that gives you transactional and performance management power that has never been available before, with the simplest UI.

“As mid-size call centers look for a competitive edge in an increasingly global marketplace, one approach that can deliver measurable results is to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) tools with contact center applications and services for a deep 360-degree view of the customer, tracking every interaction to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Only about one-third of contact centers are fully integrated, while the largest proportion is mostly integrated. But by 2016, 54% of surveyed organizations expect to be fully integrated (a 64% growth rate over the two-year period). This will pave the way for more-advanced integration between the contact center itself and other back-office systems, most notably CRM platforms — because the ability to deliver a consistent and seamless customer experience is a high priority for 49% of surveyed contact center decision-makers, a number expected to rise even more (15%) by 2016.”

Source – Frost & Sullivan

Konnektive’s advanced call center technology is designed to increase the expediency of setting up multiple campaigns, while reducing the training time of agents.

Some of our features include:

Now you can gather & store data for all of your contacts effortlessly. This will save you untold hours of busy work, allowing you to focus on generating revenue instead. Data that Konnektive will gather and manage for you includes:

Sales & Order Entry

Training a sales representative and getting them on the phone, comfortable with the order entry system as fast as possible is critically important in any call center environment. The Konnektive Order Entry System has been designed to be the easiest system to use.

When setting up the campaign business rules, you can easily copy and paste your main script, your rebuttal scripts, and your upsell scripts into a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). You can go in and change tweak or replace the scripting at any given time, deploying the changes to your entire floor with the push of a button. You can even add different scripts for different campaign configurations for split testing, and add “custom fields” to the order entry screen for your agents to add customer specific profile information.

Our system will tell you which agents are logged in, on a call, or logged out, and when integrated to your telephony provider, our platform will push calls to the highest closing/performing agents. Our system will also script pop based upon the DNIS/ANI the customer is calling in on.

You can also use Konnektive to assign leads to specific agents, and when the data is pushed into your dialer from Konnektive; and when your agents are logged in and available, all they need to do is push a button to start their call.

And finally, you have all the real-time reporting and dashboards to mange your contact center efficiently.

Customer Service

Defined as the “easiest to use” customer service interface, our system gives you the ability to easily search for customers by a number of fields.

Once located, you can go into the customer record, and edit their personal information, their payment information, see the source from where the customer came from, add notes, view all orders, view all products on continuity, view transactions and make voids or refunds, view fulfillment status/history with the ability to cancel, reship or issue and Return Merchandise Authorization.

We provide you with the ability to integrate a number of CRM’s into Konnektive, so you can manage all of your clients through one simple login.

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