Konnektive CRM:

Centralize Your Data, Make More Money

Connect with your customers through a “web” of game changing services, designed to help you close more sales.




Over 120 gateway integrations

Time is money.

With hundreds of integrations through Konnektive , you’ll never be scrambling to find your data by going to multiple systems. We put everything you need at your fingertips; all in one place!

Konnektive CRM was designed to Automate and Synchronize Your Entire Business with the easiest, most intuitive user interface. Download our mobile app and run your business from anywhere.

Konnektive CRM is completely cloud-based so you can run your entire business from one simple login, with the greatest visibility to your revenue and sales performance.

Now you can gather & store data for all of your contacts effortlessly. This will save you untold hours of busy work, allowing you to focus on generating revenue instead. Data that Konnektive will gather and manage for you includes: Chargeback & Fraud Screening, Call Center & Customer Service, Sales & Order Entry, Shopping Cart, Merchant Gateway & Fulfillment.

Entrusting their business to Konnektive clients every day


The days of having an expensive designer build your ecommerce website or landing pages are OVER.

The FunnelKonnekt system gives you the leading-edge technology to build lead pages to full sales funnels and upsell sequences. You can also build incredible full ecommerce sites faster and easier than any other system, fully loaded with all of the features of the most powerful and fastest CRM.

With a suite of standard templates or upgraded templates, you can build your product or corporate identity easily with our cutting-edge technology.

FunnelKonnekt also provides a marketplace for products; should you decide to start a new brand or build more products into your brand. This marketplace lets you design your labels, and purchase product in bulk or on demand as your business plan requires.

FunnelKonnekt provides merchant services if you need a new merchant account, or if you already have a merchant account you can easily add that account the CRM system to process your credit card transactions. We also have PayPal, Stripe and over 150 other gateway integrations giving you several options to process your sales.

We have designers available should you need someone to create a highly professional looking website or sales page for you. If you have an existing site and want to move it into FunnelKonnekt, you can easily upload the code into the system

The beauty of this system is; you can easily add your products, your credit card processing, create your website or pages, and be ready to start taking order in no time.

The bottom line is, FunnelKonnekt makes it easy for you to start your product business, but also provides the power to existing companies to rapidly scale their business.

Engage with your customers like never before

Mobile sales are huge.

With your smart phone being your mobile computer, we are seeing that more than 70% of the orders coming into our system are from mobile pages. Our shopping cart technology recognizes the device type, whether its desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, and is totally device responsive.

Now with one-click checkout through the top mobile payment solutions, you can reduce cart abandonment, and watch your revenues soar.


If it wasn’t for Konnektive we would probably have never been able to grow with such a lean team.

– Robert E President/CEO

Integrations With 45 Fulfillment Providers

Easily access and manage all of your contacts.

Whether internal or external, your customer support teams and sales centers will be able to easily access and manage your live customer interactions.

Beyond that, our cutting-edge technology will capture and organize every piece of data related to all your customers and categorize them, so you can decide how to continually communicate with each of them.

Using that data within Konnektive, you can monetize every customer relationship by routing them to personalized offers or external data relationships.

Engage with your customers like never before

7 Chargeback Integrations, 10 Email Service Integrations

Get more results.
Work less.

Automation works more efficiently & without error, allowing you to focus elsewhere.

Sales Automation: Our Campaign Management System puts your product sales on cruise control. Set them how you want & watch your sales continue to rise.

Email Automation: Intelligently route customer data to your email sales funnels through any of our email service provider integrations.

Transaction Automation: Manage all of your billing events; single, multi-pay, trial, or continuity and subscription events to accommodate any business rules.

Fulfillment Automation: Integrated to all of the major fulfillment companies, allowing you to activate any number of fulfillment solutions simultaneously.

Contact Automation: The CRM tags each customer based on their responses to your offers. Use those tags for agent assignments and generate reminders for follow-up and lead scoring.

Engage with your customers like never before

Konnektive is by far the best CRM on the market. I moved to Konnektive about a year ago when I felt I needed a CRM that could better grow and adapt to meet my needs without sacrificing quality, and one that had more accountability to the customer.

– Trey B President/CEO

5 phone switch integrations

Enhance your sales processes.

Stop wasting time with complex system and campaign setups. Our system allows you to easily configure your campaigns, billing rules, landing pages, VSL’s, e-commerce shopping carts, auto-responders, merchant accounts, fulfillment services, sales taxes, accounting software, fraud screening, chargeback management, customer service, SMS messaging, and much more…

Konnektive has been a godsend to our business. We migrated from another CRM and not only was the migration very smooth, but the Konnektive team helped to convert and integrate our pages and test everything all the way through. They went above and beyond. They really care about the value and growth of my business.

Michelle S President/CEO, R.U. Accountable/EComm Divas

Mobile-ready form code at the push of a button

4 Fraud service integrations

Cutting edge technology for your storefront.

Easiest to use shopping cart.

We have the absolute easiest shopping cart technology available today, complete with WordPress plugin.

It’s the best because it’s built with hyper fast transaction processing, and it’s back by all of the other powerful features and functions that our CRM has to offer.

Your landing pages & shopping cart with be supercharged!

In addition, we have over a hundred gateway integrations and growing, online payment options, such as Stripe, PayPal and Amazon Payments. You can add multiple payment options simultaneously, set up the billing rules, and let system manage the rest. We also support all the world currencies and special characters.

Mobile-ready form code at the push of a button

Single Sign-On access.

As you are growing and scaling your product company, you can run all of your campaigns and entities within a singular instance of Konnektive .

Once you do scale, you may decide to separate those entities in separate instances of Konnektive .

With our parent/child sub-account system, you can easily access all of your entities with our single sign-on technology.

Text to talk.

Your data is your gold mine, and every bit of it should be used to grow your business. Connecting to our call platform gives you capabilities beyond anything you have ever experienced.

You can send contacts to various data buckets and send each of them custom text and SMS messages, giving them the option to simply click the link and automatically call your sales agents, then reducing your cost per acquisition, and increasing your customer lifetime value.

Konnektive is hands down the best CRM platform for managing campaigns and customers, seeing real time numbers, and getting an overall look into your business. Their platform is intuitive to use and not intimidating at all. I recommend them to all of my clients. Love them! Best support you’ll get from anyone, hands down.

– Kris T President/CEO

Got Coaching???

Many people want to start their own online businesses, but have no idea where to start. We are all about your success, and we have outside coaching and management available to you so that you can ensure your business is kicking off the right way.

Already have a business, but you think it could be bigger? Hire one of our independent coaches to help you grow.


Your success being our ultimate goal, we can connect you to all the right resources for your business.

From drop-ship or manufacturing and fulfillment companies, merchant processing, site designers, customer service, fraud screening, or any other resource that you might need to manage your business.

The all in one CRM for those who are serious about their business.

Konnektive is the all-in-one platform to fully automate and synchronize your business, & can help you grow up to the same size as those companies that dominate their fields.

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