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Konnektive is one of the most powerful, most customizable tool ever built for taking orders online.

There's a reason we're the #1 CRM of choice for both smaller start-ups and booming 9 figure businesses. That is the reason we are never satisfied. Every day, we improve and optimize our platform to tailor it to your needs and keep up with the latest trends.

Not only will the tools in Konnektive make you more money, they are also very simple to use. With the click of a button, you can see every statistic you need to track performance and revenue. Navigating through our user-friendly interface is effortless, easy, and fun.

All of your data is just one click away so you can make faster, smarter business decisions. You can spend time on the things that really matter. All while never worrying about whether your data is accurate or organized.

Whether you have custom built websites or sales pages, or you are using website building tool and hosting service or both; Konnektive gives you the ability to centralize all of your business processes within the CRM. Konnektive's CRM becomes the hub of your business, running and managing all of your sales transactions, customer service, product fulfillment management, sales tracking, and MORE.

If you are running any kind of billing structure, straight sale, monthly subscription, or membership billing model, there is no better system than Konnektive for you to manage the entire backend of your business.

What Our Fantastic Customers Are Saying

Top Level Data Security.

PCI Level 1 Bank Level Security, Tokenization, Whitelisting and 2 Factor Authentication
gives you the peace of mind that your data is always protected and secure.

HIPAA Compliant.

HIPAA Certified for innovative health services marketers that want to deliver the best patient experiences, Konnektive provides secure, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for seamless, patient-centric support and billings. This allows providers to transform patient experiences for better outcomes and continuous service. Perfect for companies such as:

  • Telemedicine Companies
  • Prescription Subscription Companies
  • Health and Wellness Services

Trusted Partners

Time is Money

With over 400 integrations, Konnektive gives you the ability to plug into your Shopify or WooCommerce stores. You are capable of processing transactions on any gateway or through any bank; reduce your monthly expenses and giving you greater capabilities. Beyond that, you can seamlessly konnekt any source into Konnektive and let the system help you to scale your business.

Need To Know More About What
Konnektive CRM Can Do For You?

As a Konnektive client, you also get access to FunnelKonnekt - the fastest funnel builder
on the face of the planet... absolutely free.

was built for Entrepreneurs

The days of having an expensive designer build your e-commerce website or landing pages are OVER.

FunnelKonnekt puts leading-edge technology in your hands to quickly and easily build lead pages to full sales funnels and upsell sequences. You can also build incredible full e-commerce sites faster and easier than any other system, fully loaded with all of the features of the most powerful and fastest CRM. With a catalog of standard templates or upgraded templates, you can build your sites, split test them and publish them easily with our cutting-edge technology.

If you have an existing site and want to move it into FunnelKonnekt, you can easily import the page into the system.

Faster page load speeds = more sales for your business

The beauty of this system is; you can easily add your products, your fulfillment companies, your tracking pixels, create your website or pages, and be ready to start taking orders in no time. Bottom line… FunnelKonnekt makes it easy for you to start your product business, but also provides the power to rapidly scale your business.

Custom Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress checkouts that easily sync all of your SKUs with one click to the most powerful billing system in the industry.

Now you can take complete control of your checkout pages, merchant accounts, one-click upsells, and manage every store and all of your sales pages through one simple login. It's the best because it's built with hyper-fast transaction processing, and it's backed by all of the other powerful features and functions that our CRM has to offer. Speed increases your conversion rates!

Turbocharge your store with FunnelKonnekt and activate any of our over 165 different gateway and processing options from around the world.

Supercharge your sales processes.

Are you running a Drop Shipping business? We are a direct integration partner to AliExpress giving you direct one-click order fulfillment.

Selling on ClickBank? Konnektive is the approved CRM for ClickBank clients, giving greater functionality, data transparency, and more tools to optimize your data to sell more products.

Stop wasting time with multiple complex systems to run your company and campaigns. Our system gives you the tools to easily configure your campaigns, billing rules, landing pages, VSL's, e-commerce shopping carts, autoresponders, fulfillment services, sales taxes, accounting software, fraud screening, customer service, SMS messaging, and much more... all in one CRM for those who are serious about their business.

Easily access and manage all of your contacts.

Whether internal or external, your customer support and sales teams can easily access and manage your live customer interactions, while giving your total control of the interaction.
Beyond that, our cutting-edge technology will capture and organize every piece of data related to all your customers and categorize them, so you can create your ongoing communication with each customer or cart abandonment through email and SMS.
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Work smarter, not harder:

Konnektive's integrated CRM gives you the tools to build your brand.
  • Funnel and Page Builder
  • Funnel Visualizer
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Funnel Builder
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Funnel Page A/B Analytics
  • Order Entry System
  • Fraud Management
  • SMS Platform
  • Membership System
  • Create A Quality Assurance System
  • Manage Call Center Operations
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Webhook and Postback System
  • White and Blacklist Management
  • Event Logs
  • Access Logs
  • API Logs
  • Shopify Checkout Integration
  • One Click Upsells
  • Over 165 Gateway Integrations
  • Monitor Transactions
  • Customer Service Access
  • Subscription Billing Platform
  • Order Bundling
  • Product Management
  • Campaign Management System
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Fulfillment and Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Decline Salvage
  • Commission System
  • And much, much more...

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