What is it about Konnektive?

Konnektive is a SaaS company with a platform for businesses to automate and streamline customer acquisition and retention.

The core of Konnektive is the CRM system, which allows businesses to easily manage and organize their customer data including contact details, purchase history, and communication history.

The platform toolset also includes a marketing automation engine, inventory management, order management, shipping and tax calculations. e-commerce integrations, lead segmentation, targeting, and A/B testing…

All of which help businesses optimize their marketing efforts, increase conversions, and maintain secure, accurate data.

Here’s a partial list of what’s on offer:

Unlimited Domains - run as many websites and online stores as you like with no penalty. Perfect for managing a portfolio of online businesses or agency clients.

Unlimited Users - no ‘per-seat’ fees, just a simple flat fee structure.

Dedicated Account Manager - no waiting days on responses to support tickets. Every client has a direct line to their account manager and round the clock support from our dev team.

Order Entry System - unify all order data from multiple 3rd party platforms in one place, so you always have the most up to date information for fulfillment, logistics, and customer support.

Transaction Monitoring & Fraud Management - AI systems monitor all financial transaction data on the platform, flag any unusual patterns, and can be set to automatically freeze or block known suspicious transaction types.

SMS Platform - Increase webinar show up rates, save abandoned carts, notify customers of en-route deliveries, and so much more. SMS open and response rates get your messages seen more often, and help bump email open rates too.

Create A Quality Assurance System - build SOPs on top of Konnektive to ensure quality data is fed into your systems and your customers get consistent service.

Manage Call Center Operations - integrate the workflows of your telephone Customer Support and Sales teams with real-time data from your payment, fulfillment, and logistics partners

Reporting and Analytics - smarter business decisions come from data. The most successful entrepreneurs track and build based on financial and execution KPI. Konnektive’s analytics suite gives you numerical and visual data feeds, and helps you interpret what’s going on so you can execute effective strategies.

Webhook and Postback System - we build integrations with any software that has API access. Over 500 integrations and counting. Just ask your Account Manager.

White and Blacklist Management - automate VIP treatment for your most important customers, and filter out bad fits and known troublemakers.

Event, Access & API Logs - every digital action and financial transaction on our platform is logged, so you stay compliant with local and international laws and regulations including HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR. Whatever your regulatory or insurance requirements, Konnektive has you covered.

One Click Upsells - the major AOV booster in any digital business. When your customer is in the mood to spend, give them more than one opportunity to buy!

Over 165 Gateway Integrations - in addition to the global giants like VISA, American Express, PayPal and Stripe, we offer integrations to smaller national payment gateways in multiple countries. So no matter where your business is trading from, you can give your customers the familiar local payment options they know and feel comfortable with.

Customer Service Access - give your internal or external customer service agents limited access to the systems and data they need to help customers. Fine-grained control of read and write privileges for every system minimize security risk and maintain data integrity.

Subscription Billing Platform - the most successful (and saleable) online businesses always have subscriptions in their product mix. Monthly recurring revenue changes the game, providing consistent, sustainable growth, and a much bigger valuation for the company.

Order Bundling - combine any selection of individual products into bundles for promotions and special offers. Efficiently manage logistics and minimize delivery costs for orders that combine products from multiple suppliers.

Product Management - unlimited SKUs and product data in one centralized integrated system that pulls data from 3rd party fulfilment partners and automatically updates your product pages as specifications and features change.

Campaign Management System - Email and SMS marketing built right into the platform for automation of re-engagement, post-purchase upsells, consumable replenishments, and seasonal campaigns… All integrated with CRM data to miminize technical snafus and deliver rich analytics for campaign analysis.

Affiliate Tracking - Build a paid incentive network of quality traffic providers with highly engaged audiences that convert at much higher rates than cold traffic ads.

Customer Service Portal - encourage your customers to self-serve and self-solve their simpler CS queries, reducing the workload and staffing costs for your CS teams.

Fulfillment and Tracking - real-time updating of 3rd party data feeds from logistics partners, allowing customers to track their own purchases and giving customer service teams accurate answers for inbound queries.

Inventory Management - know what you have, what you need, and how soon you need more of it. Our inventory systems integrate with external fulfilment houses or internal warehouse management systems. Program fixed resupply points with automated re-ordering, and use predictive analytics to advise on future inventory levels and financing requirements based on historical sales data.

Cash On Delivery - Allow for delivery team manual updating of COD sales and reconciliation of cash collected.

Decline Salvage - automate rotation of mids in the case of non-customer fault declines, and give customers alternative payment options in the case of hard decline, while still flagging and blocking specified high-risk transaction.

Commission System - incentivize your sales teams and external sales partners to keep them on target with live data on sales closed, cash collected, and future incentive payouts.

Plus a whole lot more.

This isn’t an exhaustive feature list - our proactive dev teams are always working to create new features when our customers need them.

Whether 're looking to manage customer data more effectively, improve marketing efforts, or set up an online store, Konnektive has the tools you need to succeed.

With all that said - Konnektive is a robust software, and it might take a bit of time to fully understand and utilize all its features.

But once a business is set, it brings significant improvements in the overall operation and customer engagement, thus increasing revenue and profits.

Konnektive Can Help

Konnektive is one of the most powerful, most customizable tools ever built for taking orders online.

No matter what CRM you choose, you need a secure, customizable, and extensible backend to manage your data and help you make smarter business decisions.

Not only will the tools in Konnektive make you more money, they are also very simple to use.

With the click of a button, you can see every statistic you need to track performance and revenue.

All of your data is just one click away so you can make faster, smarter business decisions.

Navigating through our user-friendly interface is effortless, easy, and fun.

Whether you have custom built websites or sales pages, or you are using a CMS based website building tool and hosting service… Or a combination of tools - Konnektive gives you the ability to centralize all of your business processes within the CRM.

Konnektive's CRM becomes the hub of your business, running and managing all of your sales transactions, customer service, product fulfillment management, sales tracking, and MORE.

If you are running any kind of billing structure, straight sale, monthly subscription, or membership billing model, there is no better system than Konnektive for you to manage the entire backend of your business.

Book a demo today and see for yourself what Konnektive can do for your AOV and profits.


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