Konnektive has been defined as the best CRM in the direct response industry, and we pair our services with best resellers, coaches and developers. Our certification program can supercharge your business and help your clients scale their revenues.

Konnektive’s Winning Ecosystem

We have 4 ways that you can work with Konnektive to grow your business.

We’ll give you all tools that you need to scale your company, while your clients are scaling their businesses.


Referral Partner

  • Add Konnektive to your menu of quality products that you sell to your clients
  • Create a strong residual commission stream
  • Place your clients with a product that improves their likelihood of success


Developer Partner

  • Build integration and apps that enhance the services and functionality in Konnektive
  • Become a Developer Partner and gain new clients from Konnektive


Web and Funnel Partner

  • Design webpages, landing pages, and funnels for Konnektive clients
  • Write copy for webpages and video sales letters (VSL’s)
  • Get reviews from clients to earn more businesss

Why partner with us?

Our platform puts all you need in one place to get your clients more organized and grow their revenue. The commissions aren’t so bad either.


Partner Growth

Our clients are important to us, but we recognize that our partners are important to our ecosystem. Not only can you bring your clients to Konnektive, but Konnektive makes it a point to match clients to the right partners.

If our clients succeed, we all succeed. We provide the most complete set of tools for any entrepreneur to grow and scale their businesses.


Certification Program

Becoming certified as a coach or as a developer can open up a whole new level of business to our partners. We have hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to start their own businesses, but we see many of them struggling because they do not know all the minute nuances of the industry.

Being matched with a professional coach to do managed services or finding the right developer to properly build your site can make the difference for our clients between surviving and thriving.


Our SMB Community

You’ll constantly hear us refer to Konnektive as an ecosystem, a community, a family, or even a tribe. We are always working hard to deliver the best CRM, but we also want the best clients, and the best partners.

We take our community very seriously and we recognize that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Therefore we are very selective as to who we work with, and look forward to more growth within our community.

What Our Fantastic Customers Are Saying


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