About Us

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Our Culture

Our Corporate Culture

The Konnektive corporate culture is as unique as our technology. Not only do we hire the most talented people, but also we have built an internal culture where “Innovation” is a word spoken daily by our team. We encourage creativity and we have developed and internal environment where every team member feels like a valuable asset. Our team loves coming into work every day, and we try to make every day count so we can deliver the absolute best product to our clients.

Our Client Culture

Our client culture is a little different, as each and every one of them will tell you. We are fostering to most conducive environment for success, and continue to deliver innovative technologies that enrich their companies. Our goal is to create a fellowship between our clients where they can learn different sales and marketing techniques from one another, and apply those techniques where they might fit to truly drive new verticals of revenue.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to our clients and our team, and will continually strive to be the industry leader by listening to our client feedback and delivering “Next Level” technology that creates more profitable campaigns.

At Konnektive, we pride ourselves on the following personal and corporate

  • checkmark Exercise good judgment
  • checkmark Communicate and be articulate
  • checkmark Be an impact team member
  • checkmark Always be curious and willing to learn
  • checkmark Be innovative and share ideas
  • checkmark Make courageous decisions
  • checkmark Bring passion to work every day
  • checkmark Always be honest with yourself and others
  • checkmark Display selflessness in everything you do
  • checkmark Be respectful at all times
  • checkmark Always prioritize the client’s needs

Moving to Konnektive was the one of the best choice’s I could have made for my company. We were faced with dozens upon dozens of outages from our previous CRM, which caused us to lose a lot of money. Not only did we turn this around immediately with Konnektive , but the user interface and the functionality is superior in every way. These are awesome people to work with, and I have recommend them to everyone I know in this industry.

– jesse raddonco – founder – only protein


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