Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

All products and services provided by Konnektive may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission or storage of any information, data or material in violation of any United States Federal, State or local laws is strictly prohibited. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Konnektive from any claims resulting from Customer’s use of the service which damages Customer or any other parties, including attorney’s fees.

NOTICE: Load balancing activity is prohibited by the card schemes and banks and will lead to termination of your merchant facilities if discovered.

Konnektive will not be liable for any interruptions in service or other monetary loss related to enforcement of the Konnektive Terms of Service (TOS), including this Acceptable Use Policy.

  1. Services Provided:
    Konnektive provides Customer with Web-based sales and marketing automation software that includes e-mail, fax, voice broadcast, e-Commerce and affiliate functionality. All services provided must be used by Customer in compliance with the Konnektive Terms of Service.
  2. Customer Obligations:
    Customer agrees to use Konnektive’s services in a manner that is legal, appropriate and in conformity with industry standards and to respect the privacy of consumers. More specifically, Customer agrees to abide by Konnektive’s requirements governing the use of the various components of the services, as described below:E-Mail: Konnektive strictly prohibits any involvement in Unsolicited Commercial E-mail campaigns (UCE, more commonly called “Spam”).

    Konnektive maintains a Zero-Tolerance policy against Spam, whether direct, indirect or through any affiliate or agent acting on the Customer’s behalf.

    As determined by Konnektive’s sole discretion, Customer shall have proof that all individuals in the Customer’s database have opted in or otherwise agreed to receive communications from Customer.

    All lists used in conjunction with the services provided by Konnektive are required to be 100% solicited (opt-in) lists. This means that the individuals on the list have explicitly agreed to receive information from your business entity. The practice of bartering, purchasing or renting lists of names and sending e-mails to those people is strictly prohibited. Marketing lists containing email addresses within Konnektive cannot be shared/duplicated/transferred between individual applications.

    Furthermore, in accordance with CAN-SPAM legislation, all e-mail messages sent using Konnektive’s services must use the Konnektive-provided opt-out link, must include a valid physical address of the sender and must contain a clear subject line that does not mislead the recipient as to the contents of the e-mail. Customers are advised to consult their own attorney to ensure compliance with all Federal, State and local laws.

    The opt-out link may not be excessively “padded” with line-breaks or similar means to deceive recipients.

    The complaint rate (“feedback rate”) may not exceed the accepted industry standard at the time of transmission. Failure to comply will result in penalties and restrictions as defined under Violations and Penalties, below. As of this writing, the industry standard for complaint rates is less than .1% (1/1000) on a per Email/Internet Service Provider basis. It is Customer’s sole responsibility to maintain under the then-current industry standard.

    Unsubscribe requests must be processed immediately.

    Fax: Konnektive strictly prohibits the use of its facsimile (“Fax”) services for illegal or inappropriate purposes. Customer agrees that all faxing services provided by Konnektive will be used only for proper legal purposes and in a lawful manner. Customer must have permission from each recipient in order to send faxes to that recipient.

    Voice Broadcast: Konnektive strictly prohibits the use of its voice broadcasting services for illegal or unethical purposes. Customer agrees that all voice broadcast services will be used only for proper legal purposes and in a lawful manner.
    Customer may not send voice broadcasts to any individual listed on the National Do Not Call Registry unless Customer has express permission from the recipient to receive voice communications from Customer.

    Konnektive provides e-Commerce services including Web Form(s), Sale Form(s), tracking links, redirected “Landing Pages,” etc. Customers may not send unsolicited communications whether through Konnektive’s services or by means of third-parties which direct individuals to any Konnektive e-Commerce services that reference Konnektive.

    Any and all of Customer’s affiliates are bound by the terms of the Konnektive Terms of Service. Customer is solely responsible for ensuring their affiliates are compliant to the Konnektive Terms of Service. Customer’s failure to ensure their affiliates’ compliance will be subject to the enforcement these policies.

    Privacy Policy:
    Customer must publish, enforce and abide by a privacy policy which protects its customers’ personal information in its possession or under its control. Such privacy policy at a minimum must be as stringent as Konnektive’s Privacy Policy. In particular, Customer agrees that it will not sell, loan or in any way pledge or hypothecate the personal information of its customers to any other person or entity by way of joint venture or any other agreement.

  3. Violations and Penalties:
    Customers who fail to comply with the terms of the Konnektive Terms of Service will be subject to the following penalties, including, but not limited to, immediate termination of service.Complaints: A $250 investigation fee may be assessed to Customer’s account for each complaint of unauthorized communication that Konnektive receives involving a Customer’s account. This non-refundable fee goes toward confirming complaints either digitally or verbally between sources of complaints. “Complaints” may include, but is not limited to individual reports e-mailed to, third-party ISP complaint notifications, notification from anti-spam organizations such as “SpamCop” and internal heuristic research performed.

    Notice and Communication of Complaints: Upon receiving a complaint, Konnektive will notify Customer of said complaint and investigate the validity of the complaint. If Customer does not take immediate remedial action to rectify the situation, Konnektive reserves the right to suspend Customer’s service until Customer has resolved the situation to Konnektive’s satisfaction, at Konnektive’s sole discretion. “Customer Notification” — Konnektive will make a reasonable effort to contact Customer in the form of e-mail, telephone and login notification within the Konnektive Application; sourced from information currently on file.

    Confirmed Violations, Unsolicited E-Mail: A $250 non-refundable investigation fee will apply per complaint in the event Konnektive determines that Customer sent an unsolicited communication to a recipient who did not agree to receive communications from Customer. In the event of multiple complaints, Konnektive services may be suspended in order to maintain integrity of services provided. Services can only be reinstated by meeting the criteria as determined by Konnektive to minimize and address complaints.

    Confirmed Violations, Complaint Rate, Reactivation Fee: In the event complaint rates exceed industry standards, Konnektive will immediately suspend e-mail services and notify Customer via e-mail and/or telephone. A $200 “Service Reactivation Fee” will be applied toward the Customer’s account for investigation resources spent toward identifying and addressing high complaint rates.

    Excessive, Widespread and/or Repeated Violations: In accordance with Konnektive’s Zero-Tolerance No-Spam Policy, Konnektive will immediately terminate the account of any Customer found to be involved in a non-compliant marketing campaign or other widespread or repeated violation of the Konnektive Terms of Service. All data contained in Customer’s account will be permanently removed. Customer will be held accountable for any monetary damages suffered by Konnektive, due to Customer’s actions or inactions. Such monetary damages may include, but are not limited to, loss of Web services, regulatory penalties (e.g., FTC) and punitive damages related to lost clients and revenues due to said violation. The determination of what constitutes an “excessive, widespread and/or repeated violation” of this policy will be determined by Konnektive.

  4. Reservation of Rights:
    Konnektive reserves the right to terminate Customer’s account for any violation of the Konnektive Terms of Service.Konnektive reserves the following rights:

    Questionable Practices (“Inappropriate Use”):
    Konnektive may terminate Customer’s account if Customer engages in any practice that is, in Konnektive’s sole discretion, objectionable, unlawful, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, libelous or hateful, or that encourages conduct which would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. content that in any way exploits minors under 18 years of age
  2. viruses, worms, phishing, malware, or any other potentially harmful software
  3. marketing to any lists of associations, memberships, voters or realtors, or any other lists whose recipients did not express explicit consent to receive such marketing material
  4. products, services, or content that are often associated with abusive business practices or spam, such as:
  5. pornography or illicitly pornographic sexual products, including but not limited to adult magazines, video and software, escort services, dating services, or adult “swinger” promotions
  6. illegal drugs, software, media, or other goods
  7. manufacture, importation, possession, use and/or distribution of marijuana or any other violation of the Controlled Substances Act
  8. instructions on how to assemble or otherwise make bombs, or other weaponry
  9. online and direct pharmaceutical sales
  10. debt collections, credit repair and debt relief offerings
  11. stock picks or promotions
  12. “get rich quick” and other similar offers
  13. promoting pyramid schemes or network marketing (i.e. MLM) businesses
  14. odds making and betting/gambling services, including but not limited online casino games, and sporting events

Change of Terms and Conditions
Konnektive reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Policy, as needed. Use of Konnektive’s software and/or services by Customer after said changes constitutes Customer’s acceptance of the new Policy. Konnektive will inform Customer when significant changes are made to any policies under the Konnektive Terms of Service by means of the Customer’s e-mail, currently on file.




The User, whether it be system User or API User agrees that during the term of the Agreement and for two years thereafter, User will not develop, reengineer Konnektive technology, offer, sell or distribute a competing technology to the Konnektive Service. A competing service is defined as a service that seeks to acquire Users for the purpose of offering a customer relationship management (CRM) or campaign management software system. User understands that violation of this clause is grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement by Konnektive with no liability on the part of Konnektive and further User understands that Konnektive may seek equitable relief to stop the violation and competing activity as well as any other relief available under the law.


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