Konnektive The Simple CRM Solution Master Business Management With Konnektive’s CRM Solution

Konnektive's CRM is a game-changer that combines customer data management, sales pipeline tracking, and workflow automation into one killer tool.

It streamlines contact handling, supercharging your business and sales team. The ease of use makes it an excellent choice for small businesses needing a comprehensive tech product.

Keep reading to get the advantages of Konnektive, a guide to use the system, and tips on mastering the CRM software.


With the ability to integrate with your existing accounting software, Konnektive can serve as a full-service customer relationship management tool.

Its unique interface allows for:

Much like Zoho and OnepageCRM, outstanding task management can be accomplished via Konnektive's project management tools.

Embedded resources like email marketing and chatbot facilities help users to manage their customer support and keep detailed records of every customer interaction all in one place.

Konnektive’s versatile API has hundreds of pre-built integrations with other popular applications, Plus secure credit card processing and transaction recording.

It's become a one-stop solution for many enterprises, including Karvy, Wingmate, and Rapidstart.

How to Streamline Operations With Konnektive CRM

Konnektive's easy-to-use CRM helps streamline operations by managing customer data efficiently.

Konnektive is designed on the same principles of a profitable business.

Sales is the lifeblood for any successful company, so sales pipeline management is the core of the Konnektive system, with other functions branching off.

This opens new ways of working for small and medium-sized businesses by giving them power and functionality usually found in enterprise systems that can cost 6- to 7-figures per year.

#1: Embedded Contact Management

Business relationships are built person to person, so every workflow inside Konnektive starts with a Customer Contact.

The platform is user-friendly and requires minimal training - if you can use email and browse the web, you can be up and running with Konnektive in a day.

#2: Workflow Automation

One major strength of Konnektive is its workflow automation.

Users can automate recurring tasks, saving valuable time. This feature, coupled with its pipeline management capabilities, rivals established platforms like Pipedrive and Zoho CRM.

#3: Customization And Adaptability

Customisation and adaptability set apart this CRM platform from competitors.

The platform's capacity to connect with project management tools like Zapier and BPM makes tasks more manageable.

This tech product’s dynamic integrations could be a game-changer for businesses ready to build in automation to improve their sales processes.


#4: Features Designed for Managers

Konnektive's CRM has powerful features specifically designed for managers.

The key here is ORM - Operative Relationship Management system, which extends beyond regular CRM by optimizing interactions between different tiers of an organization.

This integrated feature allows managers to monitor sales cycle progress with precision.

Integration with accounting software is another huge help for managers with budget and payment collection responsibilities.

This feature supports real-time financial operations such as credit card processing and maintaining an updated record of all transactions, helping to keep teams accountable for their performance.

#5: Pipeline Management Tool

The pipeline management tool is another feature that simplifies the sales process.

It maps the customer's journey from lead generation to conversion, providing clear visibility into each phase.

This lets your team see exactly where are the delays and bottlenecks in the sales process so they can work to shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates.


Using a Different Platform? Not a Problem!

Konnektive CRM platform allows seamless migration from other platforms such as Hubspot, Zoho CRM, and Capsule CRM.

Get Up And Running Fast With Konnektive CRM

Looking to master Konnektive CRM and speed up your workflow?

Here’s how to start:

  1. Setup contact management and start integrating your business data into the system

  2. Set up the sales pipeline and start building workflows to simplify and automate the sales cycle.

  3. Integrate with your accounting software for seamless processing of financial transactions.

Remember to use our onboarding resources and work with our client success team to help you get the most from Konnektive


Mastering business management with Konnektive's CRM is a powerful strategy for business growth. Konnektive makes complex processes like customer data processing, payments and sales tracking simple for employees and managers.

Konnektive boosts work output and smooths out tasks with powerful features like:

Plus, by linking up with your accounting software, Konnektive nails down tight financial control, lifting your profits.

But Konnektive CRM doesn't stop there…

It helps you cut waste, and ramp up your overall operational efficiency.

Pair that with happier customers, and you're set for long-term growth and big wins ahead.

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