Streamlining Order Management: How Konnektive CRM Simplifies and Optimizes Online Sales

Streamlining order management is a vital aspect of every business. In fact, if you can do it right, it can help you with:

All of which will improve your profitability and long-term growth.

In this post, you’ll discover how to streamline order management for your business, so you can be as efficient as possible while also maximizing your profits.

What EXACTLY Is Order Management?

Order management is a process that starts when a customer places an order and ends once they receive their package or service.

Great order management can be super-beneficial for you, a business owner, but also for your customers.

Why You MUST Streamline Order Management

There are a lot of great benefits to streamlining the order management process. Here are our top reasons for doing so.

Automate Workflows

If you don’t leverage automation, you’re leaving a lot of money (and time) on the table.

In fact, did you know that 50% of tasks can be automated? When it comes to order management, you can automate almost everything, including:

Streamlining your order management will allow you to eliminate repetitive tasks and be more efficient with your time and money.

Minimize Unnecessary Expenses

If you don’t streamline your order management, you will experience a lot of issues. And most of these will cost you plenty of resources.

For instance, you might be delivering an order to the wrong address.

or running out of stock, preventing potential customers from making a purchase.

Either way, proper order management eliminates most of these issues, saving you a lot of money and time you’d otherwise waste.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an essential part of every successful ecommerce business since it drives sales growth. That’s why it’s crucial to maximize it as much as possible.

Proper order management can help you with that by creating a seamless shopping experience:

4 Steps to Streamline Order Management

Looking to maximize your business’s potential?

In this section, you’ll discover our most effective ways to streamline your order management and maximize your profitability and customer satisfaction.

#1: Leverage the Right Integrations

There is no “One Best” solution – that’s why we reached out for help!

Konnektive CRM connects the most powerful apps on the market to help you create the best possible shopping experience for your customers.

We’ve got it all:

For instance, you can integrate Zapier to automate your workflow – and cut 50% of repetitive tasks.

Leveraging integrations allows you to combine the functionality of all your favorite apps, fill in the gaps our tool might have, and create a seamless order management process.

#2: Utilize Filters for Quick Customer Service

Customer service is critical – in fact, customers are willing to spend more on products for superior customer service.

(Yup, it’s that important.)

And the most important part of customer service is being FAST.

That’s why it’s essential you provide your customer support representatives with a clear and easy way to communicate with customers and check their orders for any issues.

For that, we provide our users with an in-depth Filter feature.

Here are a few filter options:

…and so many more.

This is, in our experience, one of the most extensive filters on the market – allowing your customer service reps to find customers’ orders instantly.

#3: Create an Effective Shipping Process

As we said earlier, shipping and fulfillment play a critical role in cart abandonment rates.

…which are getting ridiculously high – leading to an extreme loss of revenue.

We decided to fight it by incorporating direct integration partners like AliExpress or ClickBank for a one-click fulfillment option. This will give you greater functionality, data transparency, and more tools to sell more products.

Plus, we also allow our users to require validating shipping.

This is critical because it helps you minimize expenses you’d waste on shipping products to the wrong address – leading to poor customer experience.

#4: Bundle Fulfillment

Bundle fulfillment is a feature that will bundle fulfillments that are within 96 hours of each other if the orders are from the same customer and shipped to the same address. The main purpose of this option is to save money on the number of fulfillments exported to a fulfillment house.

This is a pretty unique feature of our tool – Konnektive CRM.

To use it, go to CRM | Campaigns and select the Campaign you wish to apply bundle fulfillment to.

From there, you need to enable the Bundle fulfilments.

Once enabled, a box will show to set the hours. Bundle fulfilments are set to a default of 96 hours until changed. When finished, you can save your changes.

Streamline Order Management with Konnektive CRM

Order management can be a game changer for your business.

It can help you maximize your profits, minimize any unnecessary expenses, and boost your overall effectiveness. This combined with higher customer satisfaction guarantees long-term growth and massive success in the future.

The last step is putting it all together. And that’s what we can help you with!

Konnektive CRM has everything you need to build, analyze, and optimize your campaigns and manage orders at scale. We allow you to integrate with your favorite apps, utilize one-click fulfillment, and create streamlined order management.

Book a demo with our specialists and start managing your orders like a pro now..


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