How Konnektive Helps with Fulfillment and Tracking

The right fulfillment strategy massively increases revenue.

62% of shoppers expect their orders to arrive in less than three days – even when they choose free shipping at checkout.

When you don’t deliver, you lose customers’ trust and they’ll reach for competitors.

In this post, you’ll discover how to create a bulletproof fulfillment and tracking strategy for capturing every customer and boosting profitability.

What Is Fulfillment And Tracking?

Fulfillment is a process of receiving, processing, and shipping orders. There are four steps in an ecommerce fulfillment process.

Order tracking lets customers monitor their order in real-time.

This is critical since it has an impact on customer satisfaction. 87.4% of customers said that real-time order tracking made their buying experience more enjoyable.

Why Does Fulfillment And Tracking Matter?

Fulfillment strategy often makes or breaks the sale – that’s why many companies see a 70% cart abandonment rate.

To prevent losing sales, you’ll first have to understand the next three principles.

75% Of Customers Expect Shipping To Be Free

Not offering free shipping is one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment.

Customers expect to get FREE shipping. Businesses understand that and meet these expectations – 96% of companies now offer free shipping options.

When you’re not one of them, you’re hurting the chances of making a sale and driving revenue.

22% Of Shoppers Abandon A Purchase Because Delivery Speed Is Too Slow

The speed of delivery is vital since consumers rank fast and free shipping as equally important.

As we said earlier, 62% of shoppers expect their orders to arrive in less than three days – even when they choose free shipping at checkout.

When you don’t deliver, you lose customers…

If a purchase doesn’t arrive within 2 days of a delivery date most customers will avoid shopping with the same company again.

This costs thousands and damages your reputation.

25% Of Shoppers Would Abandon Carts Due To An Unexpected Shipping Cost

The worst thing is telling customers they get FREE shipping and then don’t deliver. When you do that, you lose 23% of potential revenue.

Make sure to not make promises you don’t deliver on – lying to customers is never a good idea.

4 Steps to Set Up Fulfillment And Tracking With Konnektive

Konnektive was built with these three principles in mind.

We’ve created an all-in-one platform that meets all customers’ expectations about fulfillment and order tracking. Let’s now explore a 4-step process for perfecting a fulfillment strategy.

#1: Add / Remove Fulfillment Platforms

Konnektive lets you quickly add or remove fulfillment houses to an online store.

Navigate to the ‘Fulfillment’ -> ‘Fulfillment Houses’ section where you see the active fulfillment houses and platforms for your business.

To add a new fulfillment house, click on ‘Activate’, fill in the information, and click the ‘Save’ button.

To remove a fulfillment house, hover over it, and click the ‘Remove’ button.

You can apply a fulfillment house for selected products, all products, and play with the settings in our very user-friendly interface. The whole process of setting up fulfillment takes just five minutes.

#2: Leverage Bundle Fulfillment

Bundle Fulfillment is an option in the campaign setup which bundles Fulfillments that are within 96 hours of each other if the orders are:

Its main purpose is to save money on the number of fulfillments exported to a fulfillment house.

This is very useful for Campaigns with multiple steps and recurring subscriptions that are staggered to bill on different days.

To apply Bundle Fulfillment, click on the CRM -> Campaigns and select the Campaign to apply it to.

If you don’t see the Bundle Fulfillment option, you’ll have to enable it first. To do that, navigate to the Settings and turn on the ‘Bundle Fulfillment' option under the Shipping Options.

#3: Make Data-Driven Decisions with In-Depth Fulfillment Reports

Companies that base their decisions on real data are 23X more likely to acquire customers.

This is massive. And the way to achieve these results is to leverage marketing technology and capture as much data as possible.

That’s why Konnektive provides in-depth analytics about shipping and fulfillment. To access this data, head over to the ‘Fulfillment’ -> Summary and filter out the information.

The Fulfillment Summary report shows a visual representation of fulfillment data based on how many items that have been purchased. When leveraged properly, you’re able to cut off the unnecessary fulfillment houses and build a more profitable shipping infrastructure.

#4: Always Know What’s Going On With Shipping Validation

Konnektive offers shipping validation for USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

When the order is in Pending Shipment status, this means we received the tracking number from the fulfillment house/software and we are running the tracking number against USPS, UPS, and FedEx to see if the order has been shipped and also to see if it has been delivered.

Konnektive empowers you to share this tracking number with customers so they can track orders.

When you don’t want this functionality for any reason, you have the ability to disable the shipping validation within the fulfillment plugin.

Fulfill And Track Every Order Like a Pro

Ecommerce order fulfillment and tracking is vital for capturing customers, minimizing cart abandonment, and driving massive revenue.

To learn more about boosting profitability, check these resources.

Konnektive CRM is a game changer.

It maximizes profits, minimizes unnecessary expenses, and boosts the effectiveness of an ecommerce business.

This combined with higher customer satisfaction guarantees long-term growth and massive success in the future.

Konnektive CRM has everything to build, analyze, and optimize campaigns and manage orders at scale. We let you integrate it with your favorite apps and create streamlined order management.

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